Microsoft spent several years to make HoloLens miniaturization


Because of HoloLens in use does not support external cable, so the whole device’s power supply can only be provided by batteries. HoloLens and each side has three independent sets of batteries. While Microsoft did not disclose the battery capacity and life, but it looks like a toy on a battery pack, and evenly distributed on both sides of the design is well balanced equipment’s centre of gravity and wear without feeling too uncomfortable. HoloLens charging through the Micro-USB interface, according to informed estimates, HoloLens around 2-3 hours of battery life time.

Microsoft HoloLens let you go beyond the screen.

Good visual experience but also need good sound effects to match to show a perfect experience, HoloLens speakers also receives, head of symmetrical pair of speakers can use to automatically adjust the sound from different directions, you can rely on the direction of the sound in the game to determine the general direction of the enemy, on the spatial position of the sound, which is very cool. In addition, the HoloLens and even adjust the sound to the maximum, people around you almost can’t hear any sound, it also means that when you use process are unlikely to disturb the people around you.

Develop for Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft developers of HoloLens version sells for $3000, but Microsoft did not reveal exactly when the consumer version for sale, is almost certainly the consumer version will be with the current developer version there is a big difference. Microsoft spent a few years ‘ time it will set down to this equipment you can wear on your head, and Microsoft will in a few years time is not a flawless experience to a whole new level. Though HoloLens project, the dream has been realized, but Microsoft hopes HoloLens can hold up to Microsoft’s future.

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