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At Tuesday, October 1, in San Francisco at a small presentation to the press, Microsoft Inc gave the world a look at its new Windows operating system 10.

At first glance, Windows 10 looks primitive and boring. This return to computer desktop interface type to which we are accustomed to in the days of Windows 95.

Look at what we have now. Windows 8 is a nightmare.

Browsers, including Steve Kovach (columnist and senior editor of Business Insider), from the outset, scolded for 8 Windows clumsiness and confusion. Windows 8 was trying to leave behind the current phase of computer equipment, much of it still consists of desktops, and travel in a fully mobile universe. windows 8 download iso, But while Microsoft is very much overshadowed the lives of millions of users desktops.

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Windows 8 disappeared familiar Start menu, which was replaced by the Tablet type start screen, which terribly uncomfortable to be controlled with the mouse and keyboard. windows 10 pro key purchase , For the touchscreen interface was hiding the traditional mode with classic Windows programs, but to work with certain programs had to toggle between “tablet” and “desktop” mode. Moreover, many applications have Internet Explorer type in two versions, one for each interface. Rare confusion!

Windows 10 exactly what was supposed to be Windows 8. In Tuesday after the presentation Steve Kovács was able to play around with it quite a bit, but what I saw gave him more confidence in the bright future of Windows. This is mainly office 2016 mac key activation because Microsoft finally realized their mistakes with Windows 8 and returned the focus to the desktop.

In short, Microsoft gets Windows that originally made it so desired.


10 Windows any application can run on the desktop, including Windows application designed for sensor 8. Previously these applications were thrown you into tablet mode, which was very difficult to work with a mouse and keyboard. Now Windows programs you can run 8 next to the old Windows programs 7. More importantly, the system is returned to the start menu. It is very similar to the way it was in Windows 7, but with popular live tiles of Windows 8.
You can breathe freely again.


But Windows does not forget about 10 users. Today, many computers have touch screen or some kind of hybrid configuration, which can turn from notebook to Tablet and back. There are 10 Windows feature called Continuum, which automatically determines the current configuration of your computer and change the interface accordingly. For example, if you work on a Surface with the system attached keyboard is good old table mode. But it is necessary to disconnect the keyboard and Windows 10 asks go into tablet mode that is optimized for the sensor. It looks like the startup screen in Windows 8.

And most importantly, users desktops will never have to fret with a startup screen of Windows 8.

If the Continuum operates as shown in the advertisement, it means that Microsoft will finally fulfill its promise of creating a universal operating system for almost any device. windows 8.1 professional product key cheap. Unlike Windows 8 and Surface, which even in the third generation looks damp, Windows 10 has everything you need to finally get the most power out of this hybrid form factor, while not otpugnuv users desktops.

Windows 10 is also an attempt to take over the company’s the billions of users who still work on older versions of Windows. According to the information of the Business Insider Intelligence, 53% of users desktops still work on Windows 7, and only 12% for Windows 8. windows 7 product key sale , As much as 24% work on Windows XP, which is already 13 (!) years. Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, so these users will soon have to be updated. But for many people, and especially for companies, Windows 8 is not an option.

Meanwhile, the Windows have 10 huge potential. According to Microsoft, programs written for Windows 10 will work on any device from the desktop with a giant monitor to tablets and Smartphones. This is just a dream for developers, and if this will work as stated, Windows 10 from the first day will be millions of ready applications.

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This is a very powerful impact on Microsoft. Ordinary users can continue to remain under the charm of Macs and Iphones “, but with Windows Microsoft 10 gets a great chance to attract companies, still sitting on Windows XP and 7.

Imagine you are a small business owner. You are running on Windows XP since the beginning of the 2000 ‘s. Here is Microsoft no longer supports XP, and you need to be updated. Updated on Windows 8 a lot of sense, since you basically work on the desktop, Purchase Windows 8 Sale Now – Software At Lowest Price $114‎ and everyone knows that for desktop Windows 8 is no good. buy windows 10 product key online , Windows 7 is great for desktop, but in the coming years, it, too, will no longer be maintained and you find again where it is today.

Microsoft expects Windows 10 will be the solution to this problem. On older versions of Windows runs almost 80% of all desktops in the world so willing to upgrade for sure. Companies will be able to run your apps on a modern operating system and do not be afraid that you will have to retrain staff for an entirely new interface. And because companies are increasingly working on mobile devices, Windows 10 could (theoretically) be no less useful and on phones and tablets, which companies will be even more buying Windows systems.

Do not think that shortly Windows 10 dormitories and cafeterias, as did “poppies”, but in the corporate world Microsoft certainly runs a giant update cycle.

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